Law & AI Applications

Law & AI Applications

  • About Course

    Law & AI Applications: Challenges, Responsibilities, and Rights of Intellectual Property Ownership The objective of this comprehensive training program is to illuminate the intricate legal ramifications of the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI). Enrollees will acquire a profound comprehension of the intricate legal terrain that envelops the realm of artificial intelligence and its consequential effects on the cultivation and safeguarding of intellectual property rights.

  • Learning Outcomes

    Delving into the revolutionary concept of artificial intelligence and exploring the latest legal inquiries surrounding the legal nature of innovations that stem from the realm of artificial intelligence, and the extent to which intellectual property laws apply to them. - Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the intricate legal issues that arise when utilizing artificial intelligence in the context of patent protection, copyright, and trademark law. - Acquiring a lucid comprehension of the very essence of the rights pertaining to artificial intelligence in the innovations they conceive and the legal predicaments that legal practitioners encounter with regards to artificial intelligence innovations, and how to proffer viable solutions to these conundrums.

  • This Course For

    Legal Consultants - Lawyers - Law students

  • Training Hours

    22 Training hours