Contracts for FIDIC and Engineering

Contracts for FIDIC and Engineering

  • About Course

    Indulge in a comprehensive and illuminating training program that delves into the intricacies of FIDIC contracts. This program offers a profound comprehension of the concept, scope, nature, and indispensable elements of such contracts, as well as the obligations that ensue for the contracting parties. In this comprehensive program, esteemed participants will be enlightened on the intricacies of breaches of contract, the art of resolving disputes, and the sophisticated employment of arbitration as a means of resolving any potential disputes that may arise under FIDIC contracts. Immerse yourself in this enlightening experience and elevate your understanding of FIDIC contracts to new heights.

  • Learning Outcomes

    Gaining a profound and all-encompassing comprehension of the legal intricacies that are associated with FIDIC contracts and engineering contracts. - Exploring the nature and scope of FIDIC contracts, and the legal framework that governs their formation, elucidating the various rights and responsibilities of the parties involved. - Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in engineering contract formation and the tools necessary to navigate any potential disputes with ease and grace. - Delving into the intricacies of FIDIC contracts through the lens of practical case studies that impeccably exemplify their application in real-world scenarios.

  • This Course For

    Legal Consultants - Engineers - Lawyers - Law students

  • Training Hours

    22 Training hours