Individual Courses

Mastering Social Media & Digital Media Skills

In this age of ever-evolving technology, it is imperative for both individuals and companies alike to stay abreast of the latest advancements in order to maintain a competitive edge. As such, this course is an absolute necessity for those seeking to elevate their brand and remain at the forefront of excellence. By immersing oneself in a diverse range of media tools and techniques, and honing one’s skills in interview preparation and execution, this one-of-a-kind course will provide individuals with the essential abilities required to adeptly navigate the world of media and elevate their public image. Gain a deeper understanding of social media and stay ahead of the curve and learn how to deal with its changes with this avant-garde course.

Being equipped with the necessary tools to effectively communicate information that serves the noble objectives of both national government and private institutions.

Grasping the foundation and principles of media interaction and acquiring the prerequisite skills for utilizing social media tools.

Public and private sector employees



20 Training hours

Course Dates:

18th– 21st May 2023

9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Course Price:

2,000 AED