Corporate Courses

Outstanding Management and Administration Performance Development

This course aims to familiarize participants with the essence of the work and role of managers, level-up their managerial and behavioral skills, and harmonize these competencies to attain the organization’s goals. It also aims to enlighten participants on the duties and responsibilities of managers, as well as the contemporary trends in managerial ideology and philosophy. Gain insights into the secrets of being a good manager through enrolling in this course.

Grasping the avant-garde trends in managerial thinking.

Delving into the mindsets of some of the world’s most brilliant managerial leaders.

Gaining the required skills for a well-rounded manager.

Learning five secret things an outstanding manager does and avoids.

Inspiring and guiding your team to success.

Possessing strong communication skills.

Developing expert control over your schedule.

Bringing your team into harmony at the time of disputes.


Private and public sector employees in senior levels

20 Training hours

Course Dates:

20th – 24th May 2023

9:00 am – 2:00 pm


Course Price:

2,000 AED